FPI Wellness Mission:  At FPI, we believe that Wellness is a combination of physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health and we want to support our employees while each strives to be their personal best.


Please find wellness resources and materials below

Chest Stretch

While sitting at your desk, you can stretch your back by interlocking your fingers behind your elbows and raiser your arms above your head. Gently squeeze your shoulder blades together and move your elbows backward repeating as needed.

Neck Stretch

Start by dropping your head slowly to the left trying to touch your left ear to your left shoulder then bring your head back up repeat on the right side and bring your head back to the upright position. Next, slowly drop your chin to your chest until you feel a stretch and come back up. Finally, your turn your head to the left and to the right repeating as needed throughout the day.

Shoulder Stretch

For the shoulder stretch, begin by either sitting or standing tall. Grab one arm above your elbow with your opposite hand and pull it across your body towards your chest until you feel a stretch in your shoulder. Repeat on the other side making sure to keep your elbow below shoulder height. Repeat as needed throughout the day.

July Stretching Challenge!


Date: July 1–31


25 FPI Points with a Raffle for 1 of 5 $75 Gift Cards

Most of us know that stretching is good for you before and after exercising but stretching should not be limited to the gym only. Stretching while at work reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by improving balance, posture, and coordination. For this challenge, employees will need to participate in the stretch of the week while at work and check in once a week in Prevention Cloud to track their participation.

Additional Wellness Resources

Please find a variety of wellness resources including those for emotional well-being and mental health

Mental Health Resources

  • Optum – Visit the Optum EAP website www.liveandworkwell.com or call 866-374-6061. Company code: FPI
  • Talkspace – Talkspace is an online and mobile therapy.
  • Sanvello – The Sanvello app offers clinical techniques to help dial down the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Additional Resources

  • Employee Discounts – FPI’s Human Resources Department graciously works with the following vendors to get our employees discounts in any way they can. Please see the following forms below for our current discounts and offers.
  • Health Benefits – FPI Management is committed to providing our employees with the health and wellness benefits that promote their well-being. Our programs provide both choice and value to meet the needs of our diverse workforce.
  • Minus Tobacco – Tobacco cessation program. Please contact a tobacco specialist and have ready your name and company name. minustobacco@zomohealth.com or 1 (800) 435 3220 (press 2 to get a registration specialist)