Culture Grounded in Heart...

FPI Management corporate culture is grounded in HEART (Humility, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, and Teamwork). These values have been the hallmark of the success of FPI Management since 1968.


To be conscientiously mindful of others before self.


To do all things with integrity, in the best way possible.


To commit to being present and performing responsibly.


To develop character that accepts and embraces difference.


To encourage collaboration, inside and outside of the company.


2021 - Elevate

Raising the Bar with Heart

2019 - Maintenance Supervisor Meeting

Hustle and HEART set us Apart.

2018 - FPI Annual Manager Meeting

50th Anniversary

2016 - FPI Annual Manager Meeting

The League of Multifamily SUPERHEROES

2015 - One Team, One Dream

2014 - The Incredible Team FPI

2013 - Amazing Race: We are FPI

Raley Field

2012 - Flash Mob

Rock on!

Historical Rank

  • 2019 | 120,000 Units Managed
  • 2020 | 125,000 Units Managed
  • 2021 | 130,000 Units Managed
  • 2022 | 141,000 Units Managed
  • 2023 | 160,000 Units Managed
NMHC Ranking 5th

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