FPI Preferred multifamily residential industry vendors have a proven track record of experience, quality, and cost savings for FPI managed sites. FPI evaluates the Preferred Vendor list annually, to assure maximum cost savings are being achieved with each vendor.

FPI Requirements

FPI Management multifamily residential industry vendors must comply with specific criteria including: insurance requirements, time assurance completion and owner/manager indemnification.


Compliance Depot

FPI requires that all preferred multifamily residential industry vendors subscribe to Compliance Depot. Compliance Depot is a third-party provider that assures all vendors maintain fundamental business licensing. FPI has standard coverage requirements for liability and workers compensation insurance.
FPI Management Multifamily Vendors

Acceptance on the FPI Vendor List Requires:



FPI Executive approval must be granted


Vendor application must be completed


Required licenses and insurance documents

Submission Requirements

Vendor Application


WC Exemption Form